About Full Table Solutions: A Catalyst for Food Systems Transformation

Accelerating the global transition to food that's good for you, others, and the planet.

Full Table Solutions, LLC is a consulting practice that's a catalyst for food systems transformation. It focuses on translating ideas into action to accelerate the global transition to food that's good for you, others, and the planet.   

The launch portfolio is centered around what I call The Defining Decade Project: a concerted effort to address the urgent need for climate action by 2030 (based on broad scientific consensus)—and harnessing the positive, powerful potential contributions from food consumption and production. 

Problem Statement

Collaboration. Strategic partnership. Taking action. Collective action. Accelerating action.

Lots of people are doing lots of great work on food, health, and climate. It’s inspiring and important. But there are at least three problems: 

  • It’s not coordinated.
  • It’s (usually) not measured.
  • It’s not moving fast enough. 

Opportunity Space for Solutions


Levers in the System


Food literacy. School gardens. Healthy eating.

 Providing evidence-based information and education to empower individuals and organizations to make food choices that are good for them, others, and the planet. 


Levers in the System


Bold leadership. Collaborative leadership. Strategic action. Collective action.

Galvanizing strategic action and cultivating bold leadership among existing and emerging decision-makers across a variety of contexts, from households to cities (mothers to mayors!), students to entrepreneurs, CEOs to presidential candidates.

Levers in the System

Levers in the System

Levers in the System

Food choices. Institutional purchasing. College. Campus dining halls. Food identity. Food preferences. Food waste. Plant-rich diets.

Targeting opportunity spaces with disproportionately high potential for food systems transformation, such as institutional purchasing and the periods of preference and identity formation during one’s childhood and college years.

About Sophie Egan

I’m Sophie Egan, the founder of Full Table Solutions. I’m also an author, lecturer in the Stanford Earth Systems Program, contributor to The New York Times, and leader at the intersection of food, health, and climate.

For over five years, I served as the Director of Health and Sustainability Leadership and Editorial Director for the Strategic Initiatives Group at The Culinary Institute of America. In that role, I helped improve millions of meals served each day, across restaurant chains, foodservice companies, K-12 school districts, and institutions—from phasing out antibiotics in the meat supply to boosting the appeal of vegetables. I am honored to continue working on behalf of the CIA, in partnership with Stanford University, as Co-Director of the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative.

As an undergrad at Stanford, I studied history and math, competed on the triathlon team, and managed a student dining hall. In 2014, I earned my MPH in Health and Social Behavior at UC Berkeley, where I studied food systems, food innovation, and food writing under Michael Pollan. I was also a Fellow at the UC Berkeley Center for Health Leadership. Two years later, I was named one of the UC Global Food Initiative's 30 Under 30.

A firm believer in lifelong learning, in 2018 I completed the Executive Education for Sustainability Leadership program at Harvard's Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment. 

Sophie Egan